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You can't handle Redruth!

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 20, 2014
cornwall on the box
Test card takeover: What the f--k is that sinister green doll thing? © Colin Leggo and/or the BBC

From Thatcher to Hanks to Churchill to Crowe, all of 'em were bleddy Cornish. And what's more, Colin Leggo's got the proof, see.

Cornish documentary filmmaker Colin Leggo has released a new compilation of some of the greatest acts of oratory ever caught on camera anywhere ever.

From Mrs Thatcher's now infamous speech at the 1980 Conservative Party Conference, in which she declared her preference for the word 'swede' as opposite to 'turnip' as the name for them orangey bits you get in a pasty, to that bit in that film with him off that thing where he says that bit about stuff or summat, Colin's latest cinematic smorgasbord spans the decades and the genres and all in just 2 minutes flat.

Not bad, eh?

In fact, t'is bleddy smart.

Especially when you realise every man Jack o' the buggers were Cornish.

Watch it now.

The fall of the Berlin Wall will never be quite the same.

Goin' up Camborne Hill, coming down!

The above video has been embedded on the Rake & Herald from Colin Leggo's YouTube channel, which you are strongly recommended to savour this very minute. Meanwhile, to check out Colin's FaceBook page and to follow him on Twitter, click this and this, respectively.

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Sandi Toxic
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