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By fashion editor Kok Wang

Posted July 02, 2013
horrid footwear
Yuck! Pass us the bucket. (Check bottom for credit)

Kok Wang asks: Is this the most minging shoe ever?

Who the fack would wear that?

And why?

Not in my fackin' cab, that's for sure.

I'd kick 'em in the teeth and tell 'em to piss off!

Fackin' disgustin'.

Kok out.

See also Death by sexy, posted 24/6/13.

Kok Wang
has driven a London black cab for 23 years, making him the world's leading authority on fashion. We are contractually obliged to state how honoured we are to be able to share his insightful take on "clothes and stuff" with you. He currently lives in Bow with his third wife Queenie and "two 'orrible sprogs", one of whom "looks like a fackin' python".

Picture credit

Top and thumb: A right minger by Sanuk USA.

For licensing information click the above link.

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