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We're backing Sticker!

By some football bloke, or something

Posted August 21, 2017
footballhead we're backing sticker

We're jumping on the football bandwagon and, what's more, we're throwing our lot in with Sticker AFC. Here's why…

As weird as it sounds, some people still haven't heard of Sticker.

Which is mental because it's a small village near the Rake & Herald's home town of St Austell in Kernow.

What's more, it's got a football team that plays in the South West Peninsular League.

Which is just like the Premier League except it's not full of prima-donna ponces syphoning off obscene amounts of money for kicking a bloody ball about.

Better still, Rake & Herald fortean editor Raven Akki reckons Sticker are pretty smart so we thought we'd jump on the football bandwagon and pretend we've been supporting them all our lives.

Which we have in a sense.

A made-up, lying sense.

Anyway, here's Raven now with the footy talk we'll likewise pretend we understand.

It's a game of two halves, you know.

One after the other, or something.

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