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Watch me rot

By R&H reader Mr Swellmons

Posted March 24, 2015
man to be buried with webcam
Casket coverage: Penberthy's coffin will be fitted with a webcam. (Check bottom for credit)

Dying Falmouth man to install webcam in coffin to let family watch body decompose online.

Roger Penberthy, a web developer from Falmouth with terminal cancer, has come up with a unique approach to helping his family and friends deal with his inevitable passing – he plans to be buried with a webcam in his coffin, providing a streaming feed of his decomposing body.

"I have a very pragmatic approach to death, it's true," Roger says.

"And I fear it not to the slightest degree."

"The same cannot be said for my wife, who does nothing but cry when she thinks of me gone."

"I have therefore made provision for a webcam to be placed in my coffin, along with a light, all powered by a solar panel which will be incorporated into my gravestone," he continues over jam on toast.

"My wife and my friends will be able to log onto anytime they want to check in with me and observe nature taking its course."

This unique and somewhat grisly arrangement has been part-funded by Plymouth University's Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, which will study Roger's transition from man to worm-food in order to gather forensic data.

Roger's work colleagues are even running a book on which one of his eyes will disappear first.

"You have to look on the bright side, I think," Roger reasons.

"After all, as the skin from around my mouth disappears it will look as though I'm getting happier and happier."

"Until there's nothing left but a huge, shit-eating grin."

Chief hack's note: At press time, Roger's FaceBook page had received more than 32,000 likes. Why not join the fun by giving a thumbs-up here?

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Mr Swellmons
lives in the West Midlands. His hobbies include beer.

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Picture credit

Top and thumb: A coffin ready for burial by David Castor.

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Watch me rot

man to be buried with webcam

Dying Falmouth man to install webcam in coffin to let family watch body decompose online.