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Virtual Trouser raves on

By culture editor DJ NRG Raver

Posted March 27, 2012
Get your Trouser on: A typical Trouser is about three times as big as this. (Check bottom for credits)

If you can't make it to the next Naked Trouser night, don't worry because Virtual Trouser is here!

Welcome to the online incarnation of Naked Trouser (NT), officially the world's greatest mix-'em-up DJ collective.

Over the years the NT DJs, viz Turkey Rollocks, 'Dangerous' Dave Lizard-Legs, Ewar 'J Frank Parnell' Woowar and yours truly – have delivered a diverse musical soundscape across the length and breadth of the known world, from Kisielice to Pod Minoga and practically everywhere else in between.

As you are no doubt aware, a typical Trouser night will include anything from indie to psychobilly, 60s psychedelic to 80s electronica, hard rock to ska and dub reggae to rave with the occasional bit of rap and hip-hop plus bucket loads of punk and new wave.

However, since the world is a big place and airlines still charge too much for seats, not everyone on the planet can party the night away at every single NT gig even though it is a basic human right.

But fear not for Virtual Trouser has just pulled up in a big flash limo!

Sort of.

Thanks to the miracle of the interweb, you can now enjoy a selection of the tracks that you would have heard at NT were you not stuck in a desert somewhere.

That's right, Virtual Trouser will feature some of the choicest cuts on the NT virtual mixing desks, all of which you can watch on such video-sharing websites as YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku and Metacafe and the like.

Yes indeed, you can now go online and enjoy a juicy slice of that NT vibe in the comfort of your favourite armchair, outhouse or hammock!

So what's in the virtual record box today?

Well, as my name kinda suggests, I love a bit of old-skool house and rave, so that, surprisingly enough, is where we'll begin.

trotter's independent traders
Get in the back of the van! The TIT wagon yesterday. (Check bottom for credits)

Some of my favourite choons at the moment come from Trotters Independent Traders, but not Del Boy's hooky outfit off Only Fools and Horses (although the theme tune is a bit of a classic).

No, this TIT is in fact one Neil Rumney, who over the last 20 years has put out dozens of records under a variety of different aliases, including my namesake NRG for his 1991 rave stomper He Never Lost His Hardcore.

Actually, that one's quite different to the later TIT efforts, which go from funky party house with a little bit of cheese thrown in to a more speed-garagey sound with all the big bassline action that that involves.

Anyway, for this particular virtual set, we'll start at the beginning with Without Your Love from TIT 1, which samples the hardcore noise from Family Foundation's Xpress Yourself and We Are I.E. by Lenny De Ice, both of which are also well worth a listen.

Next up, try both sides of TIT 2, All My Love, Shake Your Body and Gotta Believe from TIT 3, which starts off with a Heller and Farley Ultraflava-type sound.

After those, have a go at It's Time for House on TIT 5, which borrows heavily from the classic Forever Together by Raven Maize.

The other tunes on TIT numbers 1 to 6 are pretty good too, but for something a bit later and fatter try Shake It Deepa and All the Lonely People, which cleverly samples Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles.

Anyway, I've gotta help some cheesy quaver prise himself out of a filling cabinet now so until next time, rave on!

What's that you say? We are I.E? I have know idea what that could possibly mean but here it is anyway, courtesy of djbazia's YouTube channel. Sorted.

The original version of this article first appeared in Point Blank Poznan. Cheers, Steg. Will post you some sandwiches shortly.

Picture credits

Top and thumbnail: Original image by Gonzalo Valenzuela; rejigged by Ignatius Rake.

Bottom: Original image by Goldfinger at sr.wikipedia; rejigged by Ignatius Rake.

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