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Viral vid of the week

By eternal editor AC89

Posted July 25, 2017
ac89 viral video of the week #1

If you haven't seen it already, this will blow your mind!!!

I saw this and watched it 83 times and then shared it with all my mates.

It's a belter!

Please share.

Fowey boy AC89 likes to drink cheap cans of Dutch Royal Standard down St Catherine's Castle. He is the co-founder and eternal editor of the Rake & Herald.

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Hitler no match for Cornwall Council

Hitler no match for Cornwall Council

It's 1945 and Hitler faces his biggest test yet... Cornwall Council's Planning Department.

Drunk monks v skate punks

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Kudos to Knapp: Drongo on Skinwalker

Kudos to Knapp: Drongo on Skinwalker

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