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University to honour Ed Gein

By crime editor Dick Rampant

Posted August 06, 2015
University to honour Ed Gein
Sick: The decision has been roundly condemned by experts.

Outrage as university awards doctorate to dead serial killer.

There was outrage in the world of academia yesterday (5/8/15) when it emerged that the prestigious Camborne Universty in Cornwall is to honour notorious American serial killer and body snatcher Ed Gein with an honorary doctorate in recognition of his work with animals.

"Gein is most well known for killing people and then turning their skin into clothing in a bid to become his dead mother," says Universty of Camborne spokesperson Dr Wendy Crate.

"However, what is less well known is that he was also a pioneering animal trainer with a succession of Hollywood moguls, including Leonora Shopwood."

"It is this that we are seeking to honour with this award."

"Not the fact he had a lampshade made from the skin of a human face."

"We're not some former poly, you know."

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