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Toxic Tush fingered by fuzz

By crime editor Dick Rampant

Posted August 02, 2012
toxic tush Oneal Ron Morris
Toxic Tush: Bogus nurse Oneal Ron Morris. (Miami Gardens Police Department)

US cops have nicked a cross-dressing fake nurse with an unfeasibly large arse and a misspelt nickname for killing a woman by injecting her with Super Glue and cement.

In completely f--ked up news, cops in the States have arrested a bogus nurse who allegedly injected paying clients with such substances as Super Glue, cement and even a tyre repair sealant by the name of Fix-A-Flat as part of a cosmetic surgery con that ultimately claimed the life of a 32-year-old mother of three.

According to a report issued by Florida's Broward Sherriff's Office (BSO), Shatarka Nuby "died in March in Tallahassee from what an assistant medical examiner called 'massive systemic silicone migration' as a consequence of cosmetic silicone injections".

At the time of her death, Nuby was apparently serving time for identity theft, having nicked $20,000 to spend on liposuction and breast implants.

It is alleged that the injections that killed her were administered by similarly-aged Oneal Ron Morris, aka Dutchess, or, as some elements of the US media like to call him, the Toxic Tush practitioner.

"Looking for a better body, Shatarka Nuby would pay a transvestite she knew as Dutchess up to hundreds of dollars to come to her house and inject her buttocks, hips, thighs and breasts with an unknown substance," the BSO says.

"Then Dutchess, sometimes wearing medical scrubs and a stethoscope, would seal the injection sites with super glue and cotton balls."

Morris, the BSO reports, had already "been arrested multiple times for performing cosmetic procedures without a licence" in Florida's Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

"All of his victims had similar stories to Nuby," the BSO states.

However, while "some of the women developed complications and infections after the injections", Nuby was "the only one whose symptoms became fatal".

Investigators determined that Morris injected his customers with such not-exactly-medical-grade substances as "bathroom caulk, cement, Super Glue, Fix-A-Flat and mineral oil".

Indeed, Morris is alleged to have told Nuby's aunt that he was using silicone acquired from Home Depot, a US DIY chain.

"Nuby," the BSO continues, "complained to friends and relatives that the injection sites became hard and hot and that her skin turned black."

Meanwhile, "one victim was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery a few days after an injection".

It is understood that Morris initially turned himself in on March 12 to face charges that included practising medicine without a licence and practising medicine without a licence resulting in serious injury.

He was released the same day only to be arrested last week at his mother's house in Coconut Creek.

He now faces one count of manslaughter.

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