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The Reverend picks 'em #1

By religious affairs/football editor the Reverend Marcus Trepanning

Posted September 04, 2017
must-watch video selection picked by the Reverend Marcus Trepanning of the Church of the SubGenius
Have pipe: Will pick. © Ignatius Rake

Here's this week's must-watch video selection hand-picked by the Reverend Marcus Trepanning, ordained minister of the Church of the SubGenius.

The Reverend Trepanning is here for your pastoral care and spiritual needs.

And this is what he wants you, yes YOU, to watch, share and watch again.

Now be like JR 'Bob' Dobbs and fight the conspiracy every day of your life!

See also Bob gives you slack, posted 21/5/14.

The Reverend Marcus Trepanning
is a fully ordained minister of the Church of SubGenius. Only Bob gives you slack.

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