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The Hollow Earth revisited

By fortean editor Raven Akki

Posted January 17, 2013
the inner earth
The Hollow Earth: Fact or fiction? (Check bottom for credit)

It's kinda spherical and got a hard crust but could the Earth actually be as hollow as Ollie Reed's legs with openings at both the North and South Poles?

How much do we really know about our planet's internal structure?

Not a lot really.

With that in mind, Brooks A Agnew PhD is looking to prove that the Hollow Earth is a reality by mounting an expedition to the North Pole later this year for a better look.

Now, you may scoff at the idea that something straight out of a Jules Vern novel is real but until fairly recently that was considered by many to be the reality of how our planet is built.

Don't forget, no one has actually cut deep enough into the planet to say one way or another how it's constructed either.

History has many accounts of the Earth being hollow, such as Admiral Byrd leading an expedition to the South Pole in January of 1956 that took him inside the planet for a second time having allegedly flown there accidentally via the North Pole in 1947.

Of course, it could all be cobblers.

But if Byrd really did visit the inner Earth, he certainly wasn't the only person with such a tale to tell, with his and many other stories of similar events to be found in Dr Raymond Bernard's book The Hollow Earth.

Remember, the US Government doesn't allow planes to fly over the Poles.

Is this why?

So with that in mind, does Agnew's plan really seem too farfetched?

Personally, I recommend having a look at his website and listening to this interview with him.

If Agnew's expedition proves successful, this could be one of the greatest discoveries of our age.

Especially if there's loads of cheap pubs down there.

Do you have incontrovertible proof that the Earth is hollow, solid or somewhere in between? If so, the Rake & Herald would love to hear from you. Simply send us a cheque for 8,000 quid and we'll say no more about it. Fifty-five thousand if you're still not sure.

See also Mummies from space?, posted 5/10/12.

What mean fortean?

The terms fortean and forteana derive from the work of Charles Hoy Fort (1874-1932), an American journalist who catalogued anomalous and paranormal reports, ranging from frog falls and spontaneous human combustion to ghosts, cryptids and UFOs. Spending much of his time sifting through "the data of the damned" in the New York Public Library and the British Museum Library, he wrote four seminal texts based on his findings and theories, viz The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931) and Wild Talents (1932). To learn more about this home-brewing inventor of topeacho, have a read of this.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: A map of the interior world from The Goddess of Atvatabar by William Bradshaw, drawn by C Durand Chapman.

For licensing information click the above link.

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