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The Cornish Moon Landings

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 05, 2014
Cornwall on the moon
Wazzon? Cornish pastynaut Malcolm Pascoe assin' about on the Moon. (Check bottom for credits)

Ere! T'is March 5 and what better way to celebrate St Piran's Day than with the latest vid from Cornish chronicler with a camera Colin Leggo…

It's a well-known fact that the Cornish discovered the Moon.

However, it's not so well known that the former Celtic kingdom remains the only nation to have actually visited the f--ker, what with the Americans faking all their moon landings in a James Bond film set or sommat.

Anyway, thanks to a rummage round a shed down Goonhilly by Colin Leggo, the Cornish documentary maker whose recent works include Cornish Sky, Grand Theft Cornwall and Cornish Is…, the original footage of that Cornish galactic first has now been unearthed, digitally remastered and then bunged up on the interweb.

And better still, Colin got it all done in time for St Piran's Day, the national day of Cornwall, which just so happens to be this very day today (5/3/14), I'll 'ave ee know.

So, without further ado, grab yourself a pasty, a nice slice of saffron cake and a big bottle of Big Job then sit back and watch the bugger.

Proper job, Colin.

And happy St Piran's Day to one and all from all here at the Rake & Herald.

Kernow bys vyken!

The above video is embedded on the Rake & Herald courtesy of Colin Leggo's YouTube channel. Go on, give it a click. And while you're at it, remember to also check out his FaceBook page if you're into that sort of thing. Heck, as it's St Piran's Day, you might as well watch the following (also taken from Colin's YouTube channel). Just keep your ears peeled for the St Austell mention. Ere!

See also Cornish Sky, posted 24/2/14; Grand Theft Cornwall, posted 12/2/14; and Cornish Is…, posted 26/3/13.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: Illustration by Ignatius Rake using original images by Astronaut David R Scott, Apollo 15 commander and Fry1989.

For licensing information click the above links.

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