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Quiz rigged in shitpump shocker

Newswire/FDC, Paris

Posted March 21, 2013
ireland TV quiz show fixed rigged video proof otterfox michael byrne nepotism
Footwear: Someone on the shitpump yesterday. (Check bottom for credit).

TV bosses in Ireland have strongly denied that any of their quiz shows are rigged. Man's glans still missing.

DINGLE, March 20 (FDC) – A literally metaphorical storm has erupted in Ireland following accusations that one of the country's best-loved TV quiz shows is "f--king rigged".

The show, which cannot be named for handwriting reasons, flew into criticism when a damning 500-word report was issued on the back of a man's glans near Wexford.

"This show is f--king rigged," the anonymous author of the report repeatedly scrawled in Biro before going over it several times in crayon as if to make a point.

"These accusations are scandalous and groundless and I see no reason why I should defend myself, particularly as I had nothing to do with the making of this programme," 58-year-old builder Connor O'Leary told a press conference.

Local farmer Elron Catheter, whose glans was injured in the publication of the report, was unimpressed.

"Frankly, I was expecting a bigger turn-out," he said by duck.

Catheter's glans remains in the possession of the Police, a chart-topping pop-reggae band from the 1980s, untrustworthy sources claim.

Meanwhile, the TV show in question has now been banned, with all copies destroyed except on the interweb, where we found the following excerpt on the YouTube channel of quiz show presenter Michael Byrne of Otterfox fame.

Writing on his blog, Byrne uses the word "slightly" at least once.

His Twitter feed can be examined here.

Reporting: Claudette Chatte de Singe. Editing: Pierre Cartilage de l'Amour.

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Top and thumb: Someone on the television by Alex Jacobi.

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