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Politics and oil

By R&H taxi columnist Sherbet Trotter

Posted October 16, 2017
politics and oil

Newquay taxi driver Sherbet Trotter picks up a couple of right hot potatoes.

Now, at the moment the whole world has got totally lost up its own backside.

I really do not want to go into the in/out debate, we are out.

Trump was democratically voted in, whether people like it or not.

And there weren't too many women marching on the Saudi embassy when protesting about Trump's treatment of women in London earlier in the year – any idea anyone?

There are many pros and cons with everyone getting the right to vote.

It is open to non-political influences and halçyon times.

People will vote for personalities whatever opinions they portray, or go by the newspaper headlines (maybe they should stick to the Rake & Herald).

People often have no idea.

For example, when fuel hit £1 ($1.33) a litre, I had a really interesting conversation with a passenger (it was my own fault as I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt).

It went something like this...

Sherbet: What do you think they will replace oil with?

Passenger: What do you mean?

Sherbet: Well, when I passed my driving test last century – that is in 1976 – we were told there was enough oil to last till the end of the century. Then we were told towards the end of the century that we were discovering more and more oil but we were using twice what we were discovering. So somebody has got their sums wrong.

Passenger: I don't know what you are talking about.

Sherbet: Well, it's a finite resource. It is quite simple mathematics.


Sherbet: We know the circumference of the Earth. We have a rough idea about how far into the depths of the Earth oil is available. So we can work out the maximum volume of oil obtainable. It's like having two different balloons, one inside of the other. We then work out roughly what we have used and take away one from the other so we know that is what we have left.

Passenger: Yeah, mate, but you've forgotten about diesel.

Now, either I have been under-educated or misled and diesel doesn't come from oil (and I do know about peanut oil and rape seed) or that passenger should be made prime minister or head of OPEC.

Be lucky!

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Sherbet Trotter
is a Newquay, Cornwall-based taxi driver who writes books, films and songs and who gave that Rake bloke a lift the other day. We liked the cut of his jib so we immediately gave him a column.

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