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Nice parking, sackface

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted June 23, 2012
you park like a cunt
What a gunt: Imagine the odious turd responsible for that. (Check bottom for credits)

An excellent website has just been brought to our attention that perfectly documents what selfish lengths of bum rope some people can be when it comes to parking their cars.

Cars can be very useful in getting from one place to another.

However, they also have the power to turn a fair few people into psychotic bell ends the moment they get behind a steering wheel, causing them to shed any semblance of respect for their fellow road users, pedestrians, animals, trees or even level crossings.

Perhaps such people really are unaware of what utter gut sticks they're being as they cut everyone up just to get to that red light first.

More likely, they actually think it's cool to be a pus-dribbling tool.

Whatever the sorry psychology behind it, the fact is these barse inspectors don't only act like selfish piss whistles when their tyres are in rapid spin.

They also park like tossers.

Sadly, there seems little that even such an esteemed organ as the Rake & Herald can do to square this woeful situation.

However, we can point our cherished and beloved readers towards a fantastic website that has just blipped up on the radar1.

Be warned: the site in question is a tad f--king sweary and therefore probably not suitable for work; youngbloods under the age of 18; Mary Whitehouse; or anyone else who objects to or is offended by the language of Chaucer in all its colourful c--ting glory.

As yet we don't have a clue who the hero or heroine behind the site is.

However, we have clocked their mission statement, which informs cybernauts that You Park Like a C--t is "a blog which will help its creator come to terms with and learn to enjoy people who simply park like c--ts".

We think it's ace and strongly urge you to check out the site's extensive photo gallery of vehicular c--tishness.




Just don't block their f--king driveway.


1) Nice one, Sword!

Picture credits

Top and thumb: Original image by David van der Mark; rejigged by Ignatius Rake.

For licensing information click the above link.

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