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"New Banksy" strikes again

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted July 27, 2012
new banksy badly drawn dicks and cocks poznan poland
But is it art? The market seems to think so. © Ignatius Rake

This time it's cocks.

Toy, the Portuguese street artist heralded as the "new Banksy" despite an obvious lack of talent, has struck again, this time using the medium of chalk to scrawl some amateurish turkey necks over a section of pavement in Poland.

"Like the old Banksy, the new Banksy is clearly not averse to travelling the globe to spread his own particular brand of social commentary," posh critic and pompous prick Carpathian Mountainsausage told a packed press conference with his bank manager Wednesday.

"However, rather than painting thought-provoking pieces on the West Bank barrier, a Malian hut or a derelict factory in Detroit, Toy has chosen to tackle a far more challenging project."

"Viz drawing some crude dolly daggers down by the bins behind some flats in Poland, the exact location of which I alone as his agent know."

Within minutes of the announcement, Mountainsausage's bank balance had swollen like King Kong's cock on the bonk.

Billionaire art collector Gerald Scaartplug now intends to exhibit the piece on one of his private yachts off the Bahamas.

The resultant hole in the ground is expected to fill with rainwater, crisp packets and rat chods.

"Kurwa," said local resident Marek Dupa, his ankle snapping like a twig.

See also Lisbon artist "new Banksy", posted 7/6/12.

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