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Mini Mozart dazzles Great Wen

By staff writer Stafford Wrighter

Posted November 26, 2013
curtis elton
Mini Mozart: He's even smaller than himself. © Ripley's probably

Nine-year-old nipper tinkles ivories in Ripley's but will he get whacked for revealing Masonic secrets?

Nine-year-old piano prodigy Curtis Elton from that London made his West End début this past weekend, a press release states, "wowing crowds at Ripley's Believe It Or Not! London with tracks from [his] recently released CD Daydreams".

The youngest person in the world to be awarded an ATCL Diploma in piano and thus now known as the 'Mini Mozart' (Mozart began composing at five and writing symphonies at eight), Elton, the press release continues, "impressed a huge audience with fresh interpretations of classics by Mozart, Bach and Schubert" for "a full two hours".

The museum, which describes itself as "London's only attraction dedicated to the weird and wonderful", was apparently "thrilled to have the young prodigy show off his talents to rapturous applause".

"I had lots of fun and loved performing and meeting everyone," the youngster is quoted as saying.

It is not clear whether like the real Mozart he will now disclose Masonic secrets in an opera about a magic flute and then get whacked for doing so.


Although we kinda hope he doesn't.

Get whacked that is.

We do, however, hope he shares the real Mozart's scatological sense of humour.

Piano stools, anyone?

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