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Media manipulation exposed

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 08, 2014
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New video reveals media's rampant use of photo-manipulation software.

A shocking new video has been posted on the interweb that reveals the full extent to which mainstream media outlets manipulate images of people, things and gills through the use of hi-tech computers running such software as MS Paint and that other one.

Leaked to the public by a team of investigative journalists working under the collective name Hunka Wunda, the video runs to a full 2 minutes and 12 seconds and features a man in a blue jumper with an uncanny resemblance to David Bussell.

So you'd better buy his book, But… You're a Horse, then, hadn't you?

Yes, you'd better had.

But first of all, watch this.

The above video is embedded on the Rake & Herald from the Hunka Wunda YouTube channel, which you are strongly advised to peruse here. Meanwhile, to buy your copy of Mr Bussell's book, But… You're a Horse, give this a click. We've read it and it's very good indeed.

See also But… You're a Horse, posted 18/2/14, and Buy Bussell's book, posted 26/2/14.

Sandi Toxic
was raised by wolves inside a disused clay pit near Lanjeth. You can befriend her on FaceBook here. She is still quite feral.

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