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#MandrillMonday 31/7/17

By Mandrillus Sphinx and the R&H senior team

Posted July 31, 2017
mandrill monday 31-7-17

It's Monday and that means mandrills, flippin' thousands of 'em in fact!

Everybody loves a mandrill and why not?

Let's face it, these wonderful woodland creatures even take time out from their mandrilling to meditate on the forest floor as this excellent photo from Harri Washington' Twitter feed clearly shows.

Sadly, the mandrill's West African habitat is under pressure from man and, let's not be sexist in our blame here, woman too.

Fortunately, though, some people are doing their bit to protect the world's largest monkey and power animal of the Rake & Herald, such as Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Gabon, for which Harri works as technical assistant: mandrills, quite possibly the best job title ever.

To read more about the plight of the mandrill (which is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN's Red List of Endangered Species) and what WCS Gabon is doing to help, have a read of this.

Now, though, to get your week off to the very best possible start, he's some mandrill footage from the WCS Gabon YouTube channel.

And when I say some, I actually mean loads.

There's thousands of 'em!

Have a mandrillin' week on Earth, folks!


See also #MandrillMonday 24/7/17, posted, er, 24/7/17.

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