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#MandrillMonday 23/10/17

By Mandrillus Sphinx and the R&H senior team

Posted October 23, 2017
#MandrillMonday 23/10/17

Baby mandrill bonanza continues with first baby mandrill born at Adelaide Zoo in six years.

Following news of the two baby mandrills born at LA Zoo in the States (see #MandrillModay 9/10/17 for more details), it has now been announced that "an adorable mandrill baby" has entered the physical plane at Adelaide Zoo in Australia.

Born in the early hours of Monday, October 9, so a press release says, the mandrill youngster "is the second offspring born to mum, Niari, and the third for dad, Tabah".

The randy old goat.

According to acting senior primate keeper Sophie Miller, the tiny youngster, who is the ninth of its species to be born at the zoo, is "thriving under the care of Niari" and appears "strong and healthy".

"It was certainly a nice surprise to arrive at work and be greeted by Niari and her new arrival," Miller says.

"The little one is already getting a lot of attention from the rest of the mandrill family, but Niari is being a very protective mum and has a strict hands-off policy with the rest of the family."

"Big sister Mayombe is particularly keen to get a closer look at her new sibling but the infant is clinging tightly to mum."

"Over the next few weeks, the baby will become more adventurous and confident and start to interact more with the rest of the family and explore more of the habitat."

adelaide zoo new baby mandrill
Mother and mandrill: Niari and her new nipper. © Adelaide Zoo

The yet-to-be-sexed youngblood "marks an important contribution to the vital breeding programme securing a future for this vulnerable species", the press release states.

The "world's most colourful primate and the largest species of monkey", mandrills, it continues, are native to the tropical rainforest and forest savannahs of southern Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo in Africa.

However, "habitat loss caused by deforestation and hunting for the bushmeat trade has seen wild mandrill numbers decline, with this amazing species now classified as vulnerable to extinction".

Visitors to the Zoo "will be able to catch a glimpse of the youngster in the mandrill habitat with the rest of the horde", next door to the hamadryas baboon habitat.

The new arrival, the zoo says, "follows an exciting start to spring [in the southern hemisphere], with five adorable meerkat pups joining the family in late August and a string of other births on the horizon".

We love mandrills here at the Rake & Herald and so happily toast the birth of this new baby.

Admittedly, we're not massive fans of the whole zoo concept, but if they can help protect vulnerable species, such as the mandrill, the power animal and spirit totem the Rake & Herald, then we'll let them off for all the cages and the like as long as they treat them well and with dignity.

Mandrills rule.

Long live the mandrill!

In fact, we're so happy about the news that we've embedded a pretty aptly entitled song by the Rainbow Mandrills for you.

More about them here.

Have a mandrillin' week on Earth, folks!


See also #MandrillMonday 16/10/17, posted, er, 16/10/17.

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