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Man sicks up rat penis

Newswire/FDC, Paris

Posted February 18, 2016
Man sicks up rat penis
Cleet: Penis. © Ignatius Rake

A man has sicked up a rat's penis.

PAR, Feb 18 (FDC) – "I thought it was a lorry," Reg Cleet from Torpoint told the Plymouth Evening Herald Wednesday.

"Turns out it was a rat's cock."

See also Man sicks up snake penis, posted 20/1/16.

Reporting: Pierre Tête de Cul. Editing: Clude Tache de Merde.

© 2016 L'Agence Presse Fontaine des Conneries (FDC) under exclusive licence to the Rake & Herald. No part of this report may partake in reproduction without partner's written consent.

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