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Long-weekend video spectacular

By some football bloke, or something

Posted August 29, 2017
football head long-weekend video spectacular
Footballhead: It's like a head made out of football. © Ignatius Rake

Raven Akki has the audio-visual lowdown on the long weekend's footy action up St Austell, Sticker and Truro.

One week in and we're still firmly glued to the football bandwagon, even if we haven't a clue what any of it means.

Although that said, it looks like there was plenty of ball scoring and goal kicking in the South West Peninsular League this past long weekend (26-28/8/17).

But what the hell happened, who, why and where, etc?


But Rake & Herald fortean editor and interwebular talking head Raven Akki does because he was following the action up Snoz, Sticker and even down Truro (who play in the fancy-pants National League South).

What's more, he had a camera with him.

So here's the results of both the footy and the filming.

And what an ace T-shirt he's wearing!

Get yours here, why dontcha?

Go on.

You know you want to.

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See also We're backing Sticker!, posted 21/8/17.

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