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Kevin Eldon

By TV critic Art Brut

Posted April 05, 2013
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It's Kevin: Kevin Eldon in a Harrington in London in 2011 yesterday. (Check bottom for credit)

TV critic Art Brut is so pleased Kevin Eldon has been given his own sketch show he's taken a screw hostage.

If you've ever watched such comedy classics as I'm Alan Partridge, Brass Eye, Jam, Green Wing or Nathan Barley to name but five, the chances are you've already seen Kevin Eldon in action.

Indeed, it is this critic's opinion that Eldon is one of the best yet most underrated comic actors to have ever graced the UK's TV screens.

And if you want to make something of it, watch the Shrunken Car sketch from Jam and if you still don't agree with me I'll put a f--king wrench through your windows.

Once I'm out, that is.

And you can shut it as well.

I'm not done here.

Anyway, I'm very happy to report via the esteemed pages of the Rake & Herald that someone has finally had the good sense to give Eldon his own 30-minute sketch show.

Simply entitled It's Kevin, it's currently running on BBC 2.

Sundays, I think.

But I'm not sure.

'Cos I done the f--king tele with me fists when that f--king newsreader looked at me funny.

And I'll tell you what, I'll do it again if they don't f--king give me that f--king helicopter right this f--king minute.

There's six episodes in all, of which three have aired so far.

But don't worry if you've missed them because you can still watch them online via the BBC's iPlayer.

However, if you're outside the UK, you'll just have to wait for the DVD release or satisfy yourself with clips from YouTube.

Funny and original1, the show features a whole host of equally recognisable and suitably strong support actors, such as Simon Day, Julia Davis and Adam Buxton among many others.

Often surrealistic, yet neither oppressively dark nor whimsically silly, with elements of Brecht thrown into the mix, It's Kevin regularly subverts the generally accepted notion that a sketch needs to be linear and have a clearly defined punchline.

As a result, some people sadly won't get it.

But sod them.

You might be hard to your mates but you're f--k all to me.

See that?

That's from a f--king knife, that is.


Well, you will be f--king trembling soon, sonny.

But first, here's a clip for all you Sex Pistols fans followed by another for those of you that have watched The Beatles Anthology and know who George Martin is.

Now get me the guv'nor!

Or I'll slit your f--king ears off with a chisel.

And lastly, because Eldon used to be in a New Wave band, here he is singing.

Now give me some f--king snout or I'm carving your f--king tongue out as well.

The above three videos are embedded from Kevin Eldon's YouTube channel, where you can watch a load more clips from his currently running TV series. Meanwhile, to watch Stewart Lee interviewing him, have a gander at this. Additionally, to read an interview from 2011, click here and for a couple of biogs click this and this.

Art Brut is currently on remand for wounding and five counts of public defecation. In his spare time, he listens to opera and "likes fighting". His favourite artist is Jean Dubuffet.


1) OK, so a couple of sketches could have been a tad tighter and a soupçon sharper but I'm not in the mood for splitting pubes with busybodies right now. Kapeesh? Now get me the guv'nor or I'm stabbing this f--ker open. Now!

Picture credit

Top and bottom: Kevin Eldon by Loz Flowers.

For licensing information click the above link.

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