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How to be best in footballs

By footballs expert Daryl Terr'd

Posted June 18, 2014
A game of three halves: Some footballs yesterday. © Ignatius Rake

The R&H jumps on the World Cup bandwagon.

There's some footballs going on in Belgium right now so that Rake man said I should write about it.

The basics of footballs are simple.

You have to pot more scores than the rest.

In 19 minutes.

There's more to it than that but I've got some crisps.

So here's a video from the the Disarray Gun's YouTube channel.

It explains the rest.

The tall one's called Paul.

He was in a car.

I like salt and vinegar best.

What's your favourite?

Chief hack's note: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our one and only token World Cup bandwagon article so make the bloody most of it because there won't be another. Unless, of course, aliens land during the semi-finals or something. In which case, we might actually give a toss.

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