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Horse-shaped UFO hits Mexico

By deputy chief hack Charles L'Amour

Posted January 30, 2015
volcano ufo
ET GG?: A shot of the latest Mexican volcano vistor. (Check bottom for credit)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a horse? Another anomalous object visits Mexico's volcanoes.

A webcam in Mexico has captured the moment a horse-shaped UFO had a trot round the Volcán de Colima on the state borders of Colima and Jalisco.

The object, which the local Excelsior daily posits could be a drone, was caught on camera at 10:00 this past Tuesday (27/1/15), a day before the volcano erupted.

Mexico has long been a hotbed of UFO activity and thus this latest sighting, filmed by a camera belonging to the Webcams de México network, should come as no surprise to skywatchers.

However, what does make it stand out is that it represents a further example of an anomalous object buzzing one of the country's active volcanoes.

In 2012, for instance, a cigar-shaped object was filmed flying into the mouth of Mt Popocatepetl as it farted fire into the sky.

Then, the following year, a fuzzy white sphere jobbie gave the same but by then quiet volcano a low-level fly-past.

Indeed, some believe that another UFO, or OVNI as they're known in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian, visited Volcán de Colima just moments before it blew its top this past November, although the footage is far from conclusive.

At present, it remains to be seen whether any or all of these objects were nuts-and-bolts spacecraft; interdimensional backpackers; time machines; flugelrads from the Hollow Earth; advanced military hardware; or naturally occurring earth lights.

Nevertheless, professional debunkers have been quick to pour scorn on the sightings.

"Clearly, it was just the planet Venus," bearded smug git Randy Cox-Dorkings-Spunkbubble exclusively told the Rake & Herald via his arse.

"What's more, it was obviously filmed by a person experiencing temporal lobe epilepsy during a bout of sleep paralysis brought on by Chinese lanterns and swamp gas."

"After all, it is utterly irrational to think for one moment that there could possibly be life forms elsewhere in the vastness of space, not to mention other dimensions, who could well be thousands if not millions of years more advanced than us and who could therefore have developed a technology that would enable them to visit this planet at will."

"And I should know."

"I used to do card tricks."

When asked to watch the following videos of the respective sightings, he threw a hissy fit and went all red.

"For me to watch them would be unscientific," he reasoned.

"I decide what's evidence not you."

The above videos are embedded here on fortean-tastic Rake & Herald from, respectively, the YouTube channels of Excélsior En línea; Menceyxx; MIGUEL ANGEL HERNANDEZ; and misterio canal. Go on. Give 'em a click, why dontcha?

See also Poznan, Poland's UFO capital?, posted 10/7/13, and Strange sounds from the sky, posted 22/1/15.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: We're not 100% sure who owns the copyright on that as it's either Webcams de México, Excelsior or Azteca Noticias. Either way, we got it from here.

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