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Exorcists surge in Poland

By exorcist expert Daryl Terr'd

Posted September 23, 2012
crucifix powerbomb exorcisms increasing in poland
Powerbomb! Exorcisms can get physical, you know. (Check bottom for credit)

The past two decades have witnessed a surge in the number of exorcists and exorcisms in Poland. Daryl Terr'd reports.

According to a report in the New Poland Express citing a report in the Gazeta Wyborcza, the number of exorcists in this 98% Catholic country has skyrocketed thirtyfold from just four in 1992 to a present total of 120.

Moreover, the New Poland Express reports that the Gazeta Wyborcza reports that this figure is expected to increase further.

While the New Poland Express doesn't actually state why this should be, the Gazeta Wyborcza nonetheless quotes Aleksander Posacki, a Catholic professor and demonologist from Kraków, as fingering a growth in "false spirituality" and an upsurge in sects as primary drivers behind the rise.

Another reason he lists is the spread of secularism, which is a bit weird because surely if people are becoming more secular they would be less likely to have anything to do with churchy types in general, let alone exorcists.

Likewise, it is this particular hack's opinion that they would also be more likely to dismiss any instances of demonic possession and poltergeist activity and the like as temporal lobe epilepsy, sleep paralysis, the planet Venus or whatever else is en vogue with trendy sceptics these days.

Swamp gas probably.

Anyway, one exorcist named by both papers is a chap called Father Andrzej Grefkowicz.

Based in Warsaw, or Wawa as it's commonly known, he reportedly conducts around 40 exorcisms a month.

Hang on.

That means he does 480 per annum, so what's all that about a current total of 120?

Do they mean 120 a month, then?

I'm really confused.

I'm gonna read that again.

Ah yeah, I get it.

That's 120 exorcists not exorcisms.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Words, eh?

Some of them are really difficult.

Anyway, the bulk of these exorcisms apparently concern women, although Grefkowicz is adamant that this doesn't mean that women are more prone to possession than blokes.

Instead, "men are less likely to come for help", the second newspaper quotes the first newspaper as quoting him as saying.

So there.

Time for more crisps.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: Mikael Judas performing a 'crucifix powerbomb', whatever that is, by Blake Arledge, although to be honest I'm not sure that Mikael Judas is a real priest. In fact, that looks more like a wrestling match or something. Priests don't wear shirts like that, do they? F--king hell, this journalism lark's well tricky. It's all about words and things.

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