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Dog with two dicks still happy

Newswire/FDC, Paris

Posted April 09, 2018
dog with two dicks still happy
Dog: Dicks. © Ignatius Rake

Pointless medical experiment 'resounding success'.

TRURO, APR 9 (FDC) – Bonzer, the Cornish dog with an extra cock grafted onto his body, is "doing well" and "still happy".

"It was a very complex surgical procedure that used up a lot of resources that could have been far better used for something more important instead," Dr Wendy Crate of Camborne Universty School of Medicine told a packed press conference Wednesday.

"But he's doing well and keeps getting his lipstick out."

"Both of them."

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Reporting: Marcel Nichons. Editing: Jacques Sperme.

© 2018 L'Agence Presse Fontaine des Conneries (FDC) under exclusive licence to the Rake & Herald. No part of this report may partake in reproduction without partner's written consent.

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