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Demon's hellish nose job

By that bloke off On the Buses. Or was it Dad's Army?

Posted February 04, 2015
nose job
Your face or mine? Imagine that with all snot coming out of it. (Check bottom for credit)

Grown man has nose cut off to look like comic-book villain.

Thirty-seven-year-old Venezuelan tattoo artist Henry Demon (no joke)1 has paid someone to cut his nose off so he can look like a Nazi cartoon character.

As you do.

According to various media reports, Mr Demon had long wanted to look like Red Skull, some kind of fictional evil Nazi thing that battles Captain America in some make-believe kid's cartoon.

Now pushing 40, the magical age when 'life begins', gout sets in and your hair falls out, this fully-grown adult resident of Caracas has finally realised his dream of spiting his face big time.

However, this extreme make-over was not Demon's first brush with 'body modification', having previously had his tongue forked like that of a snake and all bumpy things inserted in his head and arms to make him look like a freak.

He's also had a couple of tattoos done.

Probably an anchor or maybe a spider's web on his elbow.

Either way, they reportedly cover 85% of his body.

According to Emilio Gonzalez, the person who performed the voluntary mutilation, this particular job was no great shakes.

"I have more extreme jobs, which my clients don't give me permission to publish it [sic] anywhere," he told specialist website Frrrkguys, revealing, for example, how he had once been approached by an "Ohio client" who wanted him to cut his cock off because he kept wanking too much.

It is understood that Demon intends to undergo further facial 'surgery' and ultimately have his face dyed red.

Talking from his static caravan near Hythe, unemployed Bananaman-o-gram Elton Wellsby (no relation) told the Rake & Herald: "If I were the cops, I'd be well worried by this."

"Remember, Red Skull's a made-up children's supervillain, so he might be tempted to steal some sweets or something."

"But with a face like that, they'd never be able to do an identity parade because no one else looks like him."

"They'd have to let him go."

"And that's a fact."


1) We understand he also uses the name Henry Jesus, depending, presumably, on his mood.

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Top and thumb: Not really sure who owns the copyright on that but we found it here.

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