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Cornwall poorer than Poland

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted May 07, 2014
rag picker

Former Celtic kingdom of Cornwall jointly named poorest part of UK; locals not surprised.

It's all happening in Cornwall, boy, the spiritual home of the Rake & Herald.

First of all, this past April 24 the Cornish were granted official minority status within the UK.

Now their homeland, along with the Welsh Valleys, has just been named the poorest part of the UK by the bean counters at Eurostat, the EU's European statistics gathering lot.

As well as being Celtic, both regions, it should be noted, were once home to thriving mining industries that have now gone the way of the dodo: tin and copper in Cornwall and coal in the Valleys.

Moreover, according to a report in the West Briton, Cornwall is "is now less wealthy than Poland, Lithuania and Hungary", with the average income standing at just £14,300 ($24,256) per annum.

This compares to an EU average of £20,750; a UK average of £23,300; and a London average of "more than £71,000".

And the beer's much cheaper in Poland too.

Plus the pubs don't shut.

I'd book that Ryanair flight today, chief.

Read the full story here.

Hat tip: Wolfgang Bang.

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