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Cornish super villains nicked

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted November 24, 2015
St Austell master criminals gaoled for bizarre fake hostage ruse

St Austell master criminals gaoled for bizarre fake hostage ruse.

Two men have been gaoled for what cops in St Austell describe as "a very unusual crime with an unusual modus operandi", the Cornish Guardian reports.

Exactly how they failed to pull off the crime of the century, however, remains unclear.

Professor Moriarty, please take note.

Anyway, according to the paper, 19-year-old Connor Vine went into the Petrogas Service Station on Penwinnick Road (the Meva Roundabout) this past October 4 only to be followed a tad later by his 21-year-old mate Matthew Glanville.

Nothing amiss there, but "the two then staged an altercation in which Vine accused Glanville of owing him money".

Vine, Truro Crown Court was told, then whipped out a Stanley knife and held it to the latter's throat, threatening to "cut him" if the woman behind the till didn't dosh out a load of wedge.

Now, at this point, you may well be wondering what could possibly go wrong with such a cunning stunt.

Well, as the Cornish Guardian rather succinctly puts it: "The woman refused to hand over the store's takings and instead called the police."

Oh, yeah, and why, like, should she give them any money anyway?

I mean, it's not really her problem if someone else owes you money.


So what did they do next?

Well, clearly firm believers in the old adages that 'persistence pays off' and 'practice makes perfect', they promptly headed over to Vernon's (now A&S Stores) on Alexandra Road and pulled exactly the same trick again.

And this time it worked a treat, netting the pair a grand total of 60 quid ($91)!

Until the cops, who had been "tracking" their movements, turned up with a load of handcuffs.

Vine, whose pre-sentence report was apparently described by his own brief as "depressing reading", was sent down for three years while Glanville got two with half on licence.

They were also both slapped with £900 costs and a victim surcharge of £120, the paper says.

Sentencing Glanville, judge Christopher Harvey-Clark, who described the shop workers involved as having suffered "acute distress and anxiety", stated: "I hope you will use your time in custody wisely and come out a wiser young man than you were when you committed this offence."

Well, there's certainly some scope for improvement, I guess.

Read the full story here.

Hat tip: Wolfgang Bang.

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