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Cornish Is...

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted March 26, 2013
what it means to be cornish pasties pasty seagulls st austell cornwall saffron cake massive hands beards ere cornish is fantastic video skinners bar barracuda newquay

Coming from Cornwall, I know what it's like to be Cornish. But if you don't, watch this. It's flippin' ace!


Wazzon, y'bugger?

Watch this, be.

T'is bleddy smart!

Then have a read of this.


The above vid was taken from Colin Leggo's YouTube channel, which looks pretty good, although we haven't actually watched anything else yet, mind.

See also Deakin bakes second pasty crown, posted 5/3/13.

Hat tip to @sadeagle for drawing our attention to the above vid. Cheers, be!

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