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Cities beneath the sea

By fortean editor Raven Akki

Posted June 02, 2013
Heracleion Atlantis Lemuria Donova and Mr Spock
Fact or fiction? An artist's impression of Atlantis yesterday. (Check bottom for credit)

Could the sunken Egyptian city of Heracleion hold a clue for the existence of Atlantis? You be the jury!

So today I stumbled across something which although not strictly fortean in nature got me wondering.

The sunken city of Heracleion has turned up a whole mess of stuff as seen in the video below.

As I say, it's not strictly fortean.

However, it does help open up many other possibilities.

After all, while Atlantis and Lemuria haven't been unearthed in their full glory, it adds weight to the notion that they could still yet.

Every so often someone finds stuff from a new location which is claimed to be the basis behind Atlantis, which is nice as it keeps the story alive.

In this instance, I'm hoping for some evidence of Hercules at least.

Either way, give the video a look because if nothing else this is a great find of some 'modern' ancient history.

And on the subject of Atlantis, make sure you give this second video a watch, especially the bit about that crystal ball thing from 12 minutes 34 onwards.

Of course, it could all be cobblers but perhaps Donovan was right all along.

While the first vid is embedded from CuriosityMars2012's YouTube channel, the second (which we're pretty sure is episode 22 from season 4 of the In Search of… TV series) is taken from THEINSEARCHOF's one. And if you want to hear more of Mr Spock talking about Atlantis, make sure you give this a butcher's.

Do you know the exact whereabouts of Atlantis? If so, what are the kebabs like?

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What mean fortean?

The terms fortean and forteana derive from the work of Charles Hoy Fort (1874-1932), an American journalist who catalogued anomalous and paranormal reports, ranging from frog falls and spontaneous human combustion to ghosts, cryptids and UFOs. Spending much of his time sifting through "the data of the damned" in the New York Public Library and the British Museum Library, he wrote four seminal texts based on his findings and theories, viz The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931) and Wild Talents (1932). To learn more about this home-brewing inventor of topeacho, have a read of this.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: The city of Atlantis by Géza Maróti.

For licensing information click the above link.

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