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Charlestown bogs sell for £115k

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted March 30, 2015
Charlestown public toilets sell for £115k

The public khazis in 'St Austell's port' sold to former glamour model; 'redevelopment' to detriment of locals likely.

According to the Daily Mail, the bogs down Charlestown, the historic 18th century clay port on the edge of St Austell in Cornwall, have been bought at auction for £115,000 ($170,860) by Charlotte Thomson, a former 'glamour model' turned property developer who owns some holiday homes company or something.

The port, a popular tramping spot with local outdoor drinking enthusiasts, has been used for the setting of numerous films, adverts and TV shows, most recently the new BBC adaptation of the Poldark series of novels by Winston Graham.

charlestown in cornwall
St Austell's port: Charlestown in Cornwall a few months back yesterday. © Ignatius Rake

The 46.6 m2 bogs, reputably haunted by an egg-bound holiday maker who got locked in for an entire winter back in the 80s, could now be knocked down and turned into some fancy bollocks for rich emmets or similar types who have no interest in the village other than the fact they've seen it on the shit pump and thought it looked all quaint.

"There is huge potential for a fantastic family home or holiday home with extension or complete replacement among the options subject to planning consent," auctioneer Graham Barton is quoted by the paper as saying.

Originally expected to fetch "between £75,000 and £95,000", the cliff-top shit house with "stunning panoramic and jaw-dropping sea views" of St Austell Bay, includes a plot of land immediately in front of it.

The sale therefore looks likely to not only deprive residents and visitors of a place to drop the kids off at the pool, but also a much-loved vantage point from which to watch the corpses of St Austell's mushrooming population of smackheads from up country drifting out to sea.

On the bright side, at the rate the cliffs are eroding, it will probably all have fallen onto the beach below after the next big storm, which is perhaps why it was up for sale in the first place.

"A Poldark-inspired property boom further pushing locals out of the housing market and into the crappy boxes springing up every-sodding-where is all we bloody need," one St Austell boy told the Rake & Herald.

We are very much inclined to agree with him.

Read the full story here.

See also Big Ears and the spacemen, posted 12/3/15, and Cornish planning corruption exposed, posted 21/3/15.

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