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By poetry editor Godfrey Hardcore

Posted February 11, 2013
boxes are incredibly useful and an inspiration for poetry
Godfrey's muse: A box yesterday. (Check bottom for credit)

Aren't boxes ace? Avant-garde poet Godfrey Hardcore thinks so.

Every week we get sent a placky bag full of poems from beat poet Godfrey Hardcore. Most of them we throw in the bin but sometimes our standards slip. Here's one about boxes...

By Godfrey Hardcore

I bought some boxes the other day.

Boxes are great.

You can put things in them.

I must remember

To buy some more.

Oh come on, Godfrey.

That was f--king bollocks.

Try a bit harder next time, eh?

If you think you can do better than that (and let's face it, you probably can), send us a poem or limerick by email or something and we'll run whatever ones we can be arsed to. Possibly. Only original content, mind. No ripping off Byron, OK? You won't get any wedge but if we post up your efforts you'll automatically become a published poet, which will no doubt impress the f--k out of your mates down the coal mine.

See also Suits, posted 21/9/12.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: A three dimensional box by kunal.

For licensing information click the above link.

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