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Bowie gone but Monkhouse lives

By culture editor DJ NRG Raver

Posted January 13, 2016
bob monkhouse returns
Bob Monkouse: He's smarmy and slick and he'll be around for ever. (Check bottom for credit)

Comedy legend Bob Monkhouse returns from grave, footage reveals.

For anyone upset by the recent deaths of Lemmy and now David Bowie, you can at least take heart in the wonderful news that another legend of the 70s and 80s, comedian Bob Monkhouse, is alive and well.

The King of the One-Liner and TV favourite of yesteryear, who was widely reported to have died in 2003, made a welcome reappearance in the third series of the excellent Toast of London in order to host the Royal Variety Performance before faking his own death once again in an accident involving a trapdoor.

To see it all for yourself, watch this:

Toast of London S3E4 by KimErnest4546

See also Ace of Dance, posted 12/1/16, and Mad Professor still mad, posted 27/3/15, among others.

DJ NRG Raver
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