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#BillHicksDay 3

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted December 16, 2015
Bill Hicks Day 3
A great shining light: Bill Hicks in 1991. (Check bottom for credit)

You are strongly advised to watch this.

If you want to know why today (16/12/15) is Bill Hicks Day, read this.

Here's the great shining light giving a must-watch interview on public-access TV in Austin, Texas that is embedded here on the truth-tastic Rake & Herald from Lord Dream's YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

See also Happy birthday, Bill!; #BillHicksDay; and #BillHicksDay 2, all of which were posted 16/12/15.

Ignatius Rake
is a freelance journalist, geographer, illustrator and world traveller who has visited more than 70 countries on six continents. He has written on numerous subjects for various publications and is available for hire and commissions. He can be contacted by email here.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: Bill Hicks at the Laff Stop in Austin, Texas in 1991 by Angela Davis (Angela D.) from Austin, TX, USA.

For licensing information, click the above link.

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Bill Hicks Day

You are strongly advised to watch this.

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Dying Falmouth man to install webcam in coffin to let family watch body decompose online.

Everything is connected

Everything is connected

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