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And this is my son Generator

By rag picker Reg Pecker

Posted December 04, 2015
And this is my son Generator

Up the duff but not sure what to call your sprog? How about Generator?

According to the Associated Press (via, expectant parents in Crimea are being encouraged to name their soon-to-be-born offspring Generator if it's a boy or Sveta (Light) if it's a girl to recognise the work the authorities there are doing to bring an end to an ongoing two-week power cut.

Apparently, "unknown attackers" sabotaged a load of electricity pylons in the region, resulting in a massive power outage.

Local parliament speaker Vladimir Konstantinov is credited with devising the novel names.

Crimea, as you may recall, was historically part of Russia until 1954, when the Soviets decided it should be part of Ukraine instead.

It's now part of the Russian Federation following a 2014 Russian annexation that, while roundly condemned abroad, was largely welcomed by the local population (84% of whom are ethnically Russian as opposed to just 3.3% who are Ukrainian).

However, judging from the sabotage attacks, not everybody's so chuffed.

Or maybe they were just protesting their latest lecky bill.

Who knows?

Either way, dissenters could always call their kids Candle.

Read the full story here.

Hat tip: Richard Caldwell.

See also Leslie Ash lips crisis worsens, posted 3/3/14.

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