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An Open Secret

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted November 09, 2017
an open secret
Forget the glamour: There's something very dark at the heart of Hollywood. Public domain

The following film about paedophilia in Hollywood is truly harrowing but it's something you really need to watch.

Recent years have seen numerous disclosures of high-profile paedophiles operating in the realms of entertainment, politics, business and sport.

From Sir Jimmy Savile OBE, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall to Prince Andrew's mate Jeffrey Epstein, Cyril Smith and former UK prime minister Edward Heath (to name a very, very few), the list of evil wrong-cocks reads like a Who's Who of household names.

And then there are the ongoing revelations of former child actor Corey Feldman.

In fact, it seems increasingly difficult to keep track of all the child sex abuse scandals currently unfolding.

Isn't that right, Mr Spacey?

But while the public is rightfully appalled, very little attention seems to be given to the actual victims of these repugnant crimes.

As well as naming names, the following film (which you'll have to watch on Vimeo due to its privacy settings) does just that.

Directed by Amy Berg and produced by entertainment lawyer and literary manager Matt Valentinas among others, it does not make for easy watching, but watch it you must.

If its claims are true then there are some very evil people in Hollywood right now, living the life of Reilly while habitually debasing children only to spit them out and leave them to endure a life of untold misery and, often, subsequent self-destruction.

These abusers are psychopathic parasites that must be stopped and brought to justice.

In the meantime, maybe stop watching Hollywood films.

After all, they're shit anyway.

See also Keep the Orwell flying, posted 7/11/17.

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Ignatius Rake is a journalist, geographer, artist, lyricist and life-long fortean who blew the lid on the 2017 Eden UFO hoax. His hobbies include sitting, eating and drinking. He has so far visited more than 70 countries on six continents. You can view some of his Dada-inspired art here.

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