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Win a date with Kate

By eternal editor AC89

Posted May 01, 2018
Win a date with Kate Middlefinger
Kawaii! The lovely Kate Middlefinger relaxing in a chair yesterday. © Ignatius Rake

Fancy a night of passion with R&H lovely Kate Middlefinger?

Just answer this question.


Take her to a good hotel and leave her there.

That is all.

let's get shitfaced t-shirt
Click the pic: to see the full range of Kate Middlefinger tees and stuff on offer. © Ignatius Rake

Get your Kate Middlefinger T-shirt here.

Prices start at just $12.95 (£9.41) for a Classic Tee.

Go on.

You know you want to.

See also Win a Christmas tree!!!, posted 20/3/14.

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Fowey boy AC89 likes to drink cheap cans of Dutch Royal Standard down St Catherine's Castle. He can be reached by medium.

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