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Readers' Wives New York

Posted February 19, 2014
readers' wives

Claude Nichons of Poole has sent us this sizzling picture of him and his missus playing hide-the-sausage in Noi Yoik's Soho.

soho new york
Hot in the city: The corner of Thompson and Spring in Soho, Noi Yoik yesterday. © Ignatius Rake

Claude writes: One of the many great things about the Big Apple is the sheer number of hot dog carts selling tasty meat treats for just a dollar or so a pop (£0.60). Some of them fry their sausages on a metal grill plate while others steep theirs in hot water. Unlike in Britain, though, the 'dogs' all tend to be made of beef, not mechanically reclaimed chicken and pork. I think they taste great and so does my wife, the cheeky scamp, who you can just make out crouching behind that white vehicle having run off with my sausage for a joke. I'm not sure where exactly she hid it but when she finally gave it back it was all covered in batter and smelt oddly of fish. She's had weeping sores on her gash ever since.

See also Readers' Wives Argentina, posted 15/12/13.

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