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R&H on hiatus

By the Commission for Public Safety

Posted March 15, 2016
Do not be alarmed: Everything is under control. Public domain

R&H on temporary shutdown while we work on something big; fears of nuclear meltdown unfounded.

Szanowni PaƄstwo!

The Rake & Herald is on temporary shutdown while we try to fix a leak in the main reactor.

Citizens are advised not to be alarmed.

Nuclear power is safe.

There has never been a nuclear accident in the history of the world.

Go about your business as usual.

Albeit indoors with all doors and windows firmly closed while you await the all-clear to sound.

Normal service will resume in a week or two.

Or four.

Possibly five.

Either way, we will hopefully have an important announcement to make when we return.

And for all her friends on FaceBook who might be wondering, yes, Sandi Toxic has been abducted by aliens.

Cue patriotic music.

End of message.

The above video is embedded here on the tune-tastic Rake & Herald by the Commission for Public Safety from zttrecords' YouTube channel, which you can check out here. Do not be alarmed. Everything is under control.

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