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Pub quiz: Round one

Compiled by the venerable Rake

Posted April 27, 2012
Picture question
Picture question: What is the name for that thing at the end of a shoelace? © Ignatius Rake

Switch off your phones and cover up your answers. That's right, it's round one of our very own pub quiz. No cheatin' or yer barred!

Answer these questions and see if you win anything.

First prize is a load of meat and a bucket of hay.

Just like life, there is no second prize.

Actually, there's no first prize either but if you can get most of these questions right you probably deserve one.

Answers at the bottom of the page.

1) A nice easy one to start with. What are the only two mainland South American countries not to share a border with Brazil?

2) In the lovely picture above, what is the circled object at the end of that shoelace called?

3) In terms of its lowest point of altitude, what is the highest country in the world?

4) What is the only Spanish-speaking sovereign country in Africa?

5) Sticking with tongues, what is the official language of Suriname?

6) The Bank of England is also known as the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street. What was Threadneedle Street previously called?

7) Whose discoveries in Latin America inspired Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle to write The Lost World?

8) Who did TV crime writer Lynda la Plante CBE play in Rentaghost?

9) How tall is a pole in inches?

10) How many poles are there in one UK nautical mile?

11) What country as of 2010 has the world's largest proven reserves of oil and gas?

12) What country consumes the most retail alcohol per head of capita?

13) What does the acronym TUBER stand for in the context of cats and dogs?

14) What is the deliberately unfilled space in an unopened bottle of beer called?

15) What's the difference between a goldfish?


Keep scrolling.

Nearly there.

1) Chile and Equador.

2) An aglet.

3) Lesotho.

4) Equatorial Guinea.

5) Dutch.

6) Gropecunt Lane.

7) Lt Col Percy Fawcett.

8) Tamara Novek (the ghost with hay fever).

9) 198.

10) 368.485.

11) Venezuela.

12) Venezuela.

13) Tail up, brown eye revealed.

14) Ullage.

15) One of its legs are both the same.

14-15: OK but nothing special.

1-13: Shameful. Didn't you go to school?

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