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Nice set of lamps!

By editorial assistant Sandi Toxic

Posted April 26, 2012
genoa lights or false breasts
Italian style: All done in the breast possible taste. © Ignatius Rake

New evidence suggests Kenny Everett doubled as top Italian designer.

These "disgusting" light fittings were clocked in a hotel room in Genoa recently.

"Is it just me or do they look like a pair of comedy breasts?" a visibly shaken Wilfred Polyps of Chester asks.

"You know, like the ones Kenny Everett1 used to wear as Cupid Stunt."

At press time investigations were still ongoing but according to sources close to the matter the answer is probably "yes they do".

"Or possibly a prosthetic arse," they added.


1) If you don't know who Kenny Everett (1944-95) was, read this then have a traipse round YouTube. Long live Cupid Stunt!

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