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London Underground

By R&H reader Tosaporn Arsbeinder

Posted January 23, 2014
tube train
The Tube: Take your Oyster card and shove it up your arsehole. (Check bottom for credit)

Isn't London Underground great? Especially now they've got rid of Zones 1-2 Travelcards. The thieving robdogs.

Had to go to that London the other day.

Needed to use the Tube but they've stopped doing Zones 1-2 Travelcards.

Had to buy a 1-6 Travelcard instead, which cost £8.90 ($14.75) as opposed to five quid something.

F--king extortion.

I only wanted to go a few stops round the centre.

Then, when my train arrived, they said I had to "use all available doors".

How the f--k am I meant to do that?


Please play that Amateur Transplants song to cheer me up.


F--king London.

Sure thing, Tosaporn. And, hey, keep smiling out there! After all, the harder/more expensive it is to buy paper tickets, the more people will switch to using RFID-enabled Oyster cards, so making it easier to track their every move. Wicked.

The above vid is embedded from Psychomanagement's YouTube channel, where you can listen to a load more sweary Amateur Transplants songs. Meanwhile, to hear the Jam original that inspired the above, have a click of this.

Picture credit

Top and thumb: A Tube train by Jcornelius.

For licensing information click the above link.

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