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Lights in the Dark Nights

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted December 07, 2015
Lights in the Dark Nights
Belfast by night: Marcus Keeley wanders the streets of Belfast. © Marcus Keeley

Local soak Marcus Keeley takes a walk round the dark streets of Belfast in what is quite possibly the best vid on the interweb.

Genius is a much-overused word.

That said, the first time I saw Rake & Herald local soak Marcus Keeley do stand-up at the flippin' excellent Monday Night Comedy at the Pavilion Bar on the Ormeau Road, I couldn't help thinking that there was definitely something of the genius about him.

Then he made the following video and any small doubts went right out the window.

Admittedly, you might not get the humour, as it's a tad dry and dark.

But if you do, you'll piss yourself.

I did and now I've got to buy a new chair.

The above vid is embedded here on the Rake & Herald from Marcus' excellent YouTube channel, which you are strongly advised to check out here.

See also The Wee Sitty Bit Beside the Bandstand, posted 1/12/15, among others.

Marcus Keeley
is a comedian, improviser and soak. Regularly gigging in Belfast and Paris, he is the host and promoter of the Voicebox Comedy alternative comedy club, a member of the Wonder Frog improv group and an all-round homme fatale. You can follow him, Voicebox Comedy and Wonder Frog on Twitter here, here and here, respectively. Meanwhile, to keep tabs on Voicebox via FaceBook, have a click of this.

Ignatius Rake is a freelance journalist, geographer, illustrator and world traveller who has visited more than 70 countries on six continents. He has written on numerous subjects for various publications and is available for hire and commissions. He can be contacted by email here.

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