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Japan unveils first passengerless car

By science & technology editor Suzi Quantreau

Posted August 09, 2017
Japan unveils first passengerless car
Concept car: The Super Manko City+ yesterday. © Ignatius Rake

New concept car set to revolutionise travel forever.

"There has been much talk of driverless cars, which will only take you to where governments and big corporations want you to go and nowhere else while tracking and logging your every move," says Kuso Akihito, the founder of Susukino-based Kusottare Industries, the design firm behind Japan's latest concept car.

"Well, we have now taken this dreadful idea one step further."

Dubbed the Super Manko City+, the new compact urban runaround, a press release states, "consists of a super-efficient computer-controlled electric engine and very little else".

"There are no seats, no trunk, not even a windshield."

In fact, "there is no room for people, luggage, pets or shopping".

But why this and why now?

In a word, congestion, which, as the press release puts it, "is the modern blight on all our cities everywhere".

"Research shows that people all over the world spend many hours of every day just sitting in heavy traffic congestion."

"Sometimes they do not move for days."

"Sometimes hours."

"This vehicle will free them from all that."

While the company remains tight-lipped on the exact nature of the vehicle's "very special" electric motor, the same press release claims that "on a flat, dry surface" the Super Manko can easily achieve speeds "in excess of 130 mph [209 km/h]" and travel "more than 300 miles" between charges.

Better still, just like a driverless car, full control of the vehicle can be quickly taken over by the authorities "at the flick of a switch", meaning it can be stopped, re-routed and driven to a FEMA camp without the owner "being able to do diddly-squat about it".

"This really is the future," Akihito says.

Set for an official launch at the Tokyo Motor Show this coming October 27, the Super Manko, its makers claim, will "revolutionise the way people travel for ever".

"You can't even fit the Bill of Rights in it," they say.

See also Japan unleashes Super Monster Wolf, posted 3/8/17.

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