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Happy Easter from the R&H!


Posted March 30, 2018
Happy Easter from the R&H!
Get the eggs in: It's time for some rebirth, chicks. Public domain

The R&H returns from its Christmas break just in time for another holiday.

Good news, Earthlings!

The Rake & Herald has now officially returned to active duty after the most self-indulgent Christmas holiday in the history of everything ever.

Well, it's Easter now, so prepare for a new dawn as the rebirth of mirth, art and downright sophistication and enlightenment begins.

"Yeah, I let Rakey sit on his arse for a while so that he could make a load of films (coming soon) with our mate FP but now it's time he went back to work to earn his keep," Rake & Herald eternal editor AC89 exclusively tells the Rake & Herald via a little golden ear trumpet.

"Actually, we'll rope some other poor sod in to do most of the donkey work but I thought it about time people started respecting what that Rakey does."

"Absolutely sod all."

But enough of that.

Now get back to work, the pair of you.

Happy Easter, yeah?


And to get you all in the mood for Easter and the time of rebirth it signifies, here's seminal psychedelic superstars, the 13th Floor Elevators with their 1967 second album Easter Everywhere.

See also Merry Christmas from the R&H!, posted 8/12/17.

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