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Guinness, brekkie and basketball

By roving hack Ignatius Rake
Dublin Airport, Ireland

Posted June 14, 2013
sas dublin airport
Basketball: An SAS yesterday. (Check bottom for credit)

Dublin Airport has everything. Including improbable games of basketball.

While eating a surprisingly good and filling full Irish breakfast washed down with a few pints of Guinness at Dublin Airport, I couldn't help clocking a bit of basketball on the box.

Apparently, it was MIA versus SAS.

No idea who won but I would assume the Special Air Service.

After all, could Missing in Action really be expected to field a full team?

The Guinness was great, by the way.

Picture credit

Top: A member of the SAS and the SAS insignia by ComradeJackson.

For licensing information click the above link.

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