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Posted August 01, 2017
cult members wanted

Easily suggestible muppets wanted for fast-growing global cult.

Are you vulnerable, lonely and looking for answers?

What's more, do you have access to a large amount of money you don't really need?

If yes, then the Interdimensional Rake & Herald is actively seeking new recruits to join its growing cult of adherents.

We are an equal opportunities employer with a wide range of positions now available across Cornwall, the South West and elsewhere.

Perks include slave labour; sleep deprivation; and total isolation from the outside world.

If you think you've got what it takes, send your submissions to:

We accept writing, graphic art, photography, video and music across all subjects, genres and beats (although we generally steer clear of politics and religion).

All submissions, however, need to be original and must in no way infringe upon the copyright or personality rights of a third party without their prior expressed written permission.

You will retain all copyright to any material submitted but we reserve the right to edit, rejig or tart up any submissions as we see fit.

Please note that the submission of material entails no obligation on our part to publish it, especially if we deem the material inflammatory, libellous, likely to blow up in our face or generally goes against our unwritten code of what we like.

Similarly, if you are an artist, writer, photographer, designer, comedian, musician/band, actor, film maker, poet, inventor or otherwise unspecified general creative type or have some other notable physical, mental or psychical/fortean talent (or represent any such person(s)) and you would like us to do/run a review or an interview, please get in touch via the same email link above.

Ditto if you have any news or a press release you would like us to run, although again, please bear in mind that we are not part of your marketing department or PR team and thus reserve the right to edit what you send or tell us in whatever way we see fit.

Due to us being Cornish, slack and very, very busy, we might not reply immediately but we will endeavour to respond dreckly.

Thank you for reading this far.

We hope to hear from you soon.

The Rake & Herald senior editorial team.

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