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Clubbing in Coleraine

By chief hack Ignatius Rake

Posted November 29, 2017
Clubbing in Coleraine
Hole in one: Marcus shows the pros how it's done. © Marcus Keeley

Watch and learn as all-round sportsman Marcus Keeley goes golfing with clubs in Coleraine.

I lived in Northern Ireland/the Six Counties or whatever you choose to call "that land above Louth and east o' Donegal" for about a year and a half.

However, to my shame, I never quite made it to Coleraine.

Fortunately, though, Belfast-based comedian and Rake & Herald local soak Marcus Keeley recently did.

What's more, it seems that there's quite a lot of things to see and do in the town.

There's a Lidl.

An Auto Zone.

A place called the Jet Centre.

And better still, an 18-hole professional golf course.

Come with us now as Marcus puts it to the test.

See also Marcus goes to Disneyland, posted 20/11/17.

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Marcus Keeley is a comedian, improviser and soak. Regularly gigging in Belfast and Paris, he is the host and promoter of the Voicebox Comedy alternative comedy club, a member of the Wonder Frog improv group and an all-round homme fatale. You can follow him, Voicebox Comedy and Wonder Frog on Twitter here, here and here, respectively. Meanwhile, to keep tabs on Voicebox via FaceBook, have a click of this.

Ignatius Rake is a journalist, geographer, artist, lyricist and life-long fortean who blew the lid on the 2017 Eden UFO hoax. His hobbies include sitting, eating and drinking. He has so far visited more than 70 countries on six continents. You can view some of his Dada-inspired art here.

Engage with the Rake & Herald on FaceBook here and Twitter here. Better still, buy a T-shirt here.

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