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Calgary to Toronto in Under 5 minutes

By roving hack Ignatius Rake

Posted January 29, 2014

Reckon you could travel across Canada in the time it takes to cook a Pot Noodle? Filmmaker Paul SG Boyd did. And here's the proof.

When this particular hack last flew from Toronto to Calgary, it took slightly over five hours.

And that's excluding all the tedious rigmarole at the airport.

Perhaps, if I'd been travelling the other way, though, it might have been a tad quicker.

After all, Canadian filmmaker Paul SG Boyd did just that, covering the 3,300-odd klicks in a matter of minutes.

Just over four in fact.

And what's more, he's got the video evidence to prove it.

But what can you do once you've arrived in Toronto, the home of the Maple Leafs, the CN Tower and some flippin' excellent Steam Whistle Pilsner1?

Well, you could try shoving 24 lbs (10.9 kg) of Smoke's poutine down your gob like Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut did in 10 minutes this past October.


I only managed 4 lbs.

Still, at least I didn't puke.

Which is probably what I'd do if I were a passenger in Mr Boyd's car.

About 14 km/s.

That's some rate of knots, innum?

The above video is embedded on the Rake & Herald from Paul SG Boyd's Vimeo channel, which we strongly advise you to check out along with his website, especially if you're looking for someone to make a quirky advert or music vid. Top stuff, sir. Oh, hang on. That was speeded up and edited, right?


1) The unfiltered Steam Whistle served on tap at the brewery on Bremner Blvd's the best in my opinion. Bloody well nice.

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